V+A Risk Services is an Ohio based TPA for workers’ compensation claims management services. We are proud of our heritage and have stood ready to serve our valued clients since 1974. As a locally based company, we fully understand Ohio’s complex regulations and provide expert guidance as trusted advisors.
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V+A Risk Services has been providing employers with workers’ compensation claims management services since 1974. Our people personify the values we embrace as an organization and as members of our community.

Our staff possesses, on average, over 18 years of industry experience in managing workers’ compensation claims and policies. It is this experience and continuity that creates effective client relationships, which promotes an integrated team approach to claims management. Our claims professionals are invested in their client’s programs, and this investment creates positive returns. We use a flat-fee structure that makes it easy to understand your true costs versus line charges that are often buried in paperwork. With accurate and insightful reporting on all claim and trend data, our dedicated claims professionals are committed to your success with proactive claims strategies.


Our associates undertake continuing educational courses to promote their global knowledge of the industry and related fields. Our knowledge is one of our greatest assets to our customers. By continuing to develop our skills and educate our staff, this asset will never depreciate.


Our organization is founded on our integrity, which serves as a base for our reputation in the industry. Honesty and accountability define how we conduct business and each decision we make will reflect these basic ideals.


Our mission statement defines our goal to be the best resource for employers’ Ohio workers’ compensation needs. In order to achieve this goal our associates must display an unrivaled commitment to excellence. This commitment is reflected in how we approach customer service, how we relate with our fellow associates and most importantly, how sincerely we view quality.


Our leadership focuses on building relationships based on trust. We share our vision, values and goals with people. All of our associates are encouraged to lead by challenging the system and finding ways to improve our process. We share the power to translate our vision into reality.


Our organization and our careers are a significant aspect in our quality of life. Our experience has illustrated how these things can be so easily taken for granted. Our commitment to our jobs reflects the passion we have for our careers and the value our service provides our clients.


Without open communication people are unable to understand one another and tend to fill in the blanks with stereotypes. This leads to viewing people as objects not as individual human beings with innovative ideas. Our organization believes in honest and open communication that is designed to remove stereotypes. This is an essential component in building positive relationships with associates and customers.



Our responsibility as an employer is to provide our customers with excellent services and programs, provide our associates with challenging and rewarding careers and finally to be good citizens in our community. V+A takes this responsibility very seriously and annually selects several agencies and charities for support through funding and volunteering. Below are links to some of the charities we support: