Hi, I'm Sam Vassar

sales associate, Grow Ohio specialist, "The great one"

industry expertise:
2 years
sylvania southview
My personal motto:
failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Sam, how do you describe your role at V+A?

Calling new and existing companies in the state of Ohio and informing them about the Ohio BWC's Grow Ohio program, as well as what V+A can do for them.

What's the most rewarding part of your job?

Workers compensation is not a very well known part of business and Ohio does things very different. Helping a business owner understand what we do and how the BWC works can be very rewarding and always leads to positive feedback.

 How do you make life better and/or easier for your clients

Through the Grow Ohio program we can help small business save thousands of dollars on their yearly premium and save plenty of time not having to worry about workers' compensation.

 How do your clients describe you?

Kind, caring, funny, agreeable, patient.

What is your proudest moment?

Winning back-to-back hockey championships with my travel team.

When you're not helping your clients save time, money, and sanity, where can we find you?

With friends or on the golf course.


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