V+A Risk Services is an Ohio based TPA for workers’ compensation claims management services. We are proud of our heritage and have stood ready to serve our valued clients since 1974. As a locally based company, we fully understand Ohio’s complex regulations and provide expert guidance as trusted advisors.
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The Group Rating Program through Grow Ohio is a BWC Incentive Program to help spur job creation in the state by offering new employers the opportunity to join a group-experience-rating program and receive a premium discount - up to 53 percent - effective on their first day of coverage.


Employers must select a group rating program within 30 days after the BWC finalizes your initial application and assigns a policy number.

Maintaining eligibility - safety requirements

To remain eligible for any Grow Ohio discounts, you must do one of the following:

Complete a safety survey and acknowledge you've read an introduction to our Division of Safety & Hygiene's offerings; or,

Complete at least two hours of safety training offered by our Division of Safety & Hygiene. You may complete the course work at one of our training locations, the Ohio Safety Congress, or online through the BWC Learning Center. To view a list of safety courses, click here; or,

Complete the Safety Management Self-Assessment (SH-26).

Employers must complete any one of the three components before the end of the first full reporting period after accceptance into the program.

Why Choose V+A Risk Services

V+A Risk Services is an Ohio based TPA for workers' compensation claims managment services. We are proud of our heritage and have stood ready to serve our valued clients since 1974. Our staff possesses, on average, over 18 years of industry experience in managing workers' compensation claims and policies. It is this experience and continuity that creates effective client relationships. Our risk and claims professionals are invested in their client's programs, resulting in savings for your claims program and your bottom line.

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*For purposes of the program, BWC defines a new employer as a new business entity or an out-of-state business that creates one or more jobs in Ohio on or after July 1, 2011. The following are NOT eligible for the Grow Ohio Incentive Program: professional employer organizations (PEOs), self-insuring employers, and employers transferring experience, Clients of a PEO in a full lease will not receive the discount off the minimum administrative fee but will remain eligible for the discount should PEO relationship be terminated during the eligible Grow Ohio period for the client employer.