V+A Risk Services is an Ohio based TPA for workers’ compensation claims management services. We are proud of our heritage and have stood ready to serve our valued clients since 1974. As a locally based company, we fully understand Ohio’s complex regulations and provide expert guidance as trusted advisors.
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State Fund

As a participant in the Ohio State Fund, you need a TPA to watch out for you and your bottom line.

V+A Risk Services becomes a valuable partner for our clients (your business). We explore the different program options available to you, informing you of potential savings and rebates you can achieve and ensuring you are confident in your decision to join the best programs to benefit your company.

Claims Management Strategies

Responsive communication on claim developments  •  Handicap reimbursements  •  Claim impact analysis  •  Lump sum settlement initiatives  •  Salary continuation study  •  Cost control focus  •  ISO search capabilities  •  Background searches  •  Surveillance tool analysis

Risk Management Strategies

Risk program evaluation  •  Premium forecasting  •  Self-Insurance feasibility study  •  Outstanding group rating savings and services

V+A Group Rating Programs

# of Groups Employers Discounts
Manufacturing 12 999 10% to 53%
Construction 8 2,216 13% to 53%
Transportation 5 638 19% to 53%
Commercial/Retail 8 3,875 9% to 53%
Service 12 3,875 9% to 53%
Clerical 1 930 53%
Total: 46 10,429

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